Monday, August 13, 2018

Week of August 13th

Welcome to 5th Grade!

This blog will act as our fifth grade weekly newsletter. We, as a 5th grade team, will update the newsletter weekly to include what your child will be learning, important dates, announcements, and more!

5th Grade schedule:
Below you will see our normal schedules. We will occasionally have alternate schedules that impact our teaching times, but lunch/recess should always be from 12:45-1:45. 

Additional Supplies:
Students will not be provided with a Mustang Folder this year. We were unaware of this change until the beginning of this year, so if you would like your child to have a take-home folder, please purchase an additional folder for their use. 

This year 5th grade has the latest lunch time, 12:45-1:15. We will be having snack in the morning after Specials, usually around 10:00 am. We are asking that snacks be something your child can eat quickly (within five minutes), dry, no utensils, or containers, and is peanut free. 
Good examples: goldfish crackers, blueberries, granola bar, grapes, etc.
Bad examples: chips, fruit cups, cookies, anything with nuts, etc.

Family Fridays:
Families of Austin students are permitted to eat lunch with their child on Fridays only. The cafeteria is arranged with extra seating for you and your child on these days. This is a time for you and your child to have lunch together, so please do not invite other students to sit with you during this time. We will not be having Family Friday the first week of school, but we will be sure to let you know when the first one will be.  

Be sure that if you are picking your child up after school in person, you bring the green pick-up card with you. If you do not have the green card, you will be required to go to the office in order to verify the pick-up arrangement. Thank you for your cooperation in order to keep all students safe. 

Birthday Celebrations:
Birthdays are a very special day, and it is our hope that we can celebrate your child in a healthy, safe, and special way! We will celebrate birthdays on our morning announcements and individually in the classroom, but we will not be able to accept cupcakes, cookies, etc. for the classroom.

Background Checks:
Are you interested in helping in the office or classroom at Austin? Are you willing to accompany a group of students on a field trip, serve in our classroom during holiday parties, or help the PTO with events? To be eligible to volunteer on any of the CISD campuses for any of your "yes" responses above, you must complete a Background Check every year. The form must be completed at least a week prior to the volunteer event. It is best to go 
ahead and fill one out now, just to be safe! Click here for the volunteer background check form!

Curriculum Night:
5th Grade Curriculum Night is Thursday, August 30th from 6:30-7:30. This evening is where we will discuss important information and details of this school year. We will also briefly discuss the 3-day field trip to Allaso Ranch. Please plan to attend!

Week of May 13th

This blog will act as our fifth grade weekly newsletter. We, as a 5th grade team, will update the newsletter weekly to include what your ch...